Shaan has worked with the following casting offices:
Joe Blake
Cathi Carlton
Michael Sanford
Ross Lacy
Brigid McBride
RMB Casting
Emma Nelson
Dan Cowan
Ava Shevitt
Petite Casting
Charisse Glenn
All Rhoades Casting
Liz Paulson
Jane Doe
Pop Casting
Laurie Records
Gabrielle Schary

Lisa Fields
John McCarthy
Lisa Pantone
Digital Dogs
Tiffany Persons
Danielle Eskinazi
Melissa Feliciano
Spot Casting
Sobo Casting
Pam Starks
Davis Baddeley
Paul Weber
Amey Rene
Sonnenberg Casting
Beauregard Casting
Maryclaire Sweeters
Cast Partner
Craig Colvin
Tolley Casparis
Beth Holmes

Casting Technologies Used:
Casting Frontier :: iSession
Casting Networks / LA Casting :: FastCapture

Casting Facility Clients:
5th Street Studios
Ocean Park Casting
200 South
The Casting Lounge
Castaway Studios
Village Casting Studios
Loudmouth Studios
Exclusive Casting Studios
On Your Mark Studios
Culver City Casting