Many of my clients have attended Shaan Sharma’s commercial workshop. It has been especially effective for newer clients. They come out of the class much better auditioners and with a vital understanding of how the commercial biz works. I have seen an increase in callbacks/avails/bookings as a result. I also get great feedback from Shaan on how clients are doing in class ( which is very helpful). I highly recommend Shaan.
— Alex Fox, Director, Nu Talent Agency


Check out what actors are saying about the workshop, consistently regarded and rated as among the best in L.A.



“Working with Shaan gives actors an all-access, behind-the-scenes pass to the world of auditioning and acting. He has the experience and expertise to make an actor's audition effective and their performance outstanding. Best of all, Shaan offers his professional insight and experience in a fun and inspiring environment.”
Cori-Anne Greenhouse / Shane Casting

“I’ve worked with Shaan for over 7 years and find him to be creatively skilled in giving the clients what they needed.”
Jodi Sonnenberg Casting

“Shaan is one of the best Session Directors out there! His improv/acting chops bring so much to my casting. We love having him be part of the Jane Doe team.”
Yasmine Wade / Jane Doe Casting

“There are very few people we trust to run our casting sessions because our reputation with our clients is on the line. Shaan is one of those few.”
Kris Nicolau, Casting Director

“Shaan is one of my go to guys on a regular basis as he runs one of the best commercial casting sessions in town. I also hear this sentiment from actors all the time. As a director, teacher and actor himself, Shaan has an amazing talent, eye for detail, plus a winning personality that immediately puts actors at ease.”
Michael Sanford / Sanford Casting


This is a fantastic commercial acting class and a must-take for any actor (not just commercials). I have been an actor, and have worked in casting for 15 years. I have also directed award-winning web-series and feature films. Shaan's approach is one that connects the actor with who they truly are, and not trying to be. As a director, I want to see people who know who they are and are comfortable and consistent. This is the class to take to make that happen. AND - Shaan is partnered with Gabrielle Schary, who is one of the top casting directors in the biz.

I took the September 2016 "Commercial Fundamentals" class here with Shaan Sharma at the recommendation of my commercial agent. I told Shaan that he is a unicorn of a teacher. He is a working actor AND a casting session director AND an instructor AND a generous, kind man. I have trained at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Lesly Kahn & Company, and other world-renowned programs, and Shaan is right up there with the best.

Each week, you learn valuable information (you'll take so many notes!), and reviewing the work you do on-camera is a true eye-opener (he sends you a link to the sessions via email). The final class, he brings in other casting session directors in his community to run camera so you can do several commercial auditions in multiple rooms in the same space at which I've had actual castings in the past. He encourages people to understand their own unique essence and bring facets of that essence to every audition, every time. He is also an advocate for community and collaboration amongst actors. He reminds you that you are enough. Yes, we all have to work hard on our technique if we want to be legendary; but too often, acting programs and teachers make us feel that who we are is somehow wrong. They do that so we'll feel we can't succeed without them and need to stay in class so they can "fix" us. Shaan doesn't do that.

I wholeheartedly recommend this studio to anyone currently auditioning or hoping to audition for commercials, as well as folks like myself who have already booked commercials but want to strengthen the fundamentals, bring more of themselves to the party, increase bookings, and move their careers forward.

Here's the thing:  If you're going to learn a skill, I think you should learn it from somebody who's actually doing the thing for a living.  I'm just a practical dude.  

Shaan's a working actor, who has great results and books regularly (commercially and theatrically).  So because he's an actor, there's an insight into what goes on in an actors mind when he/she is actually in a charged situation (e.g. an audition room/producer's session/etc).  I honestly hate it when people who don't actually have the PRACTICAL experience of doing this for a living give me generalized, artsy-fartsy, or confusing information--it doesn't help.  For me, ya gotta put your money where you're mouth is.  

I also believe perfect practice makes perfect.  Shaan has an excellent insight into the mind of a working actor in LA, as well as a great business mind. Practically speaking, we work on camera and critique our work, all the time, so we can polish that part of the game.  On top of everything else, Shaan is a genuinely kind, supportive, passionate teacher, someone who I'm happy to call my friend.  He has introduced me to a great circle of other students and given me a community here in LA.  Thanks for helping me make a career here in LA. :)

Shaan's Commercial Workshop is great! When I first moved to La it was the first workshop I took and it has done wonders for my acting career. Shaan gives a great class that teaches you the tips and secrets of the commercial world in a very practical way. Since taking the class I have gone on to book commercials with Hilton, Sony, Blue Cross, Uv Vodka, and more! Overall it's a must take workshop for those that are new or want to grow in the commercial world. I actually made some great friends from this class also. So win win!

Shaan's Commercial Fundamentals class should not be missed. Shaan is a generous, kind and accessible teacher. By limiting his class size, he gives everyone individual attention and plenty of time to work. I booked my first national commercial three weeks into his class! I think he's lucky! Shaan also included a digital copy of his book for us to read. It's beyond informative and takes the mystery out of the whole casting process. I would highly recommend this class.

Business in general is wrapped in a veil of obfuscating confusion. In Hollywood this is taken to the extreme. Acting is a combination of art and strategy, and both are hard to develop in a world of gilded lilies and ulterior motives. Enter Shaan Sharma, a pragmatic midwesterner who looks at both sides of the acting equation with equal clarity. Shaan's ability to cut through both the BS of untrained acting and the BS of the acting business makes him an invaluable mentor, teacher, and friend. If you're ready to learn how to act *on camera*, how to win an audition, how to find your essence as an actor, and how to strategize your career regardless of where you are at the moment, get off the merry-go-round of scattershot auditions. Look up Shaan and enter a world of friendly, motivated, and genuinely supportive peers.

I met Shaan while working with him on set of a television show. We became friends right away since Shaan is a very friendly, genuine person. He is also a very generous person, he emailed me a free copy of his book soon after we met. I recently took his four week commercial class and could not be happier with all the things I learnt about the business. Shaan is a genuinely kind, supportive, passionate teacher, someone who I'm happy to call my friend. He has tremendous knowledge from working on both sides of the camera which he is so willing to share in a very warm, kind and safe environment. He also encourages the actors in the class to get to know and support each other. I recommend Shaan's class to everyone!

Working on my acting craft for the last 10 years has been an up and down rollercoaster, as it should be. I've taken a hundred classes over this 10 year journey. Some good, and some not so good. Moving to California for the second time, I knew that I was pretty much starting from scratch and that I wanted to do it right. I had audited 3 different acting workshops and schools to find the right fit to help me progress in my journey and move forward. I didn't click with any of them. None of them seemed like the right fit for me and didn't work with my learning style. 

A family friend connected me with Gabrielle Schary. She told them of course she would meet with me and give any advice needed. She was awesome. I felt more comfortable talking to her for 10 minutes than sitting in those audited classes for 3 hours. She recommended that I take Shaan's on-camera workshop class for 4 weeks. I did not hesitate to sign up and reach out to to Shaan to tell him how stoked I was. He gave me his personal phone number and email address and he answered/replied every time I reached out to him.

The first night of his class I didn't know what to expect, but it didn't take long for me know I was in the right place. I felt at home, I felt comfortable, I loved his energy and everything he was saying. It felt so right. Looking around at all of my peers, I could totally tell that they felt the same way. The next 3 weeks were awesome. I learned so much about myself thanks to my classmates and Shaan. I am now taking Shaan's ongoing class and private coaching. 

He is exactly what I needed to take that next step. The journey to my career has never been so fun and so positive. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone. From Will Smith to the 17 year old kid traveling to the big city to follow their dreams. The class is electrifying.

Thank you Shaan and Gabrielle!