Kalpana has been an actress in LA since 2013. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in communications, she packed up her bag to make her big move to Los Angeles to pursue her lifelong dream of being an actor in Hollywood. She could never imagine how deeply the craft of acting would affect her.

On the suggestion of her then manager, she enrolled in some casting director workshops; her first one being with commercial session director, Shaan Sharma. It was through that class that Kalpana began to form her LA family. She held steadfast to Shaan's insistence on actors forming close bonds with good people in this town and has been an advocate for that ideology.  She always says she wouldn't be where she is today without those bonds.

Kalpana's first TV appearance was in CBS's The Bold & the Beautiful. She continued the soap trend as her next booking was on NBC's Days of Our Lives. Being a huge fan of Golden Girls, her favorite shoot to date was also her first comedy when she shot TV Land's Hot in Cleveland with the legendary Betty White. She further went on to  book every TV genre. At the same time, she has shot commercial campaigns for some of the biggest brands.

One thing she always kept consistent while booking work was training. Having studied everything from on-camera audition technique, to scene study, to improv, she finds immense value in classes, and continues training even now. Just like the best musicians or athletes or artists practice or train for many hours a day, acting is no different.

Kalpana's mission as a teacher to other actors is to help them find the beauty in their true self and bring that to every role, while at the same time, helping them understand the genre and/or network they are auditioning for. Teaching not only helps her grow as an actor, but to be a part of another artist's journey is priceless.