Ava Himmel has a serious passion for commercials!!! It probably started around the age of 3 when she would force family members to watch her perform shampoo commercials with her juice-boxes. And while her mother didn’t appreciate having to wash cherry juice out of her hair, it was pretty obvious Ava’s course was set. Since then, she has spent over 15 years working in front and behind the camera, learning everything she can about how commercials are made.

Hailing originally from Canada, Ava found success as a classically trained actress - appearing on numerous television shows and independent features. But soon she found her love of comedy and her home in the improv community a stronger pull, becoming a Conservatory Grad at the Second City - Toronto.

It was also around this time that Ava got her first taste of the casting world. Working as a Casting Assistant to many theatrical and commercial Casting Directors, she was able to peek behind the curtain and understand how the casting process truly works, and see what actors booking the jobs were doing differently from everyone else.

Being an actor herself, Ava has always found it important and rewarding to pass that knowledge on to other actors. Nine years ago she transitioned to directing auditions herself as one of the first female Commercial Session Directors in LA. In that time she has been involved in 10,000+ audition situations and, needless to say, has seen it all!

Ava is a proud SAG-AFTRA member who has performed in many commercial campaigns including for: AT&T, UPS, McDonalds, KFC, Samsung, etc. She continues to work as a Session Director at nearly every casting studio in town and for most of the Commercial Casting Directors such as: Dan Bell, Cathi Carlton, Jodi Sonnenberg, ASG, McBride Casting, RMB, Spot Casting, and many, many more.

Throughout the years, Ava’s passion for commercials has only intensified, as has the passion for helping her fellow actors. Currently she provides private coaching and teaches a Commercial Auditioning Workshop through the SAG-Conservatory. She is super excited to be expanding this workshop into a 4-week course that she is able to offer to everyone!